"We were delighted by the purpose of Limbua. Therefore, we directly decided to step in to become long-lasting and strong partners."
Our colleague Maria Tippmann working had-in-hand with Limbua
Maria Tippmann
sourcing naturamus GmbH

Organic and Fair for Life macadamia oil

We provide freshly cold-pressed organic and Fair for Life macadamia oil with Fair traded macadamia nuts from our strong partner, Limbua. With respect to preserving the workers’ health on the one hand, while protecting the Kenyan nature on the other hand, Limbua only works ecologically and socially sustainable.

To round up this gain for holistic quality, we press the macadamia nuts only on demand solely mechanically without using heat, or additives. By working mechanically only, we preserve the natural characteristics of the “queen of nuts”. However, our clients may also source macadamia nut oil, virgin, from roasted seed from us. The roasty taste raises our oil to a new level of flavour.

To sum up: Either macadamia nut oil, cold-pressed, or virigin from roasted seeds: our macadamia nut oil fits to clients working in the field of high quality organic food, as much as it does to clients producing premium natural cosmetics.

we offer macadamia nut oil, cold pressed, organic, Fair for Life-certified

Having started with 141 farmers, Limbua now works with more than 5 000 smallholers in Embu, Kenya.

They have been learning how to manage their farms ecologically to ensure sustainable livehoods for themselves and future generations.

Hand in hand, we’re acting now to ensure lasting perspectives for coming generations

Why sourcing organic and Fair for Life
macadamia oil from us

More than 5 000 farmers are associated with Limbua

Having started with 141 farmers, now more than 5 000 farmers cultivate macadamia nuts in certified organic quality

Limbua stands out for transparent payment systems to offer their partners a fair and good loan

By offering macadamia oil with nuts from Limbua, we support Limbua in safeguarding local and sustainable working places

In doing so, the natuamus netwok strengthens local business cycles

In conclusion: the Naturamus-Limbua partnership supports long-lasting and endogenous growth in Embu

Organic and Fair for Life macadamia oil

To ensure sustainable livelihoods | traceability | premium organic quality

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Organic Fair for Life macadamia oil:
A sustainable source of income

The idea has started more than a decade ago with a trip around the world. With the aim of finding best-practise models for ” Social Entrepreneurs”, Matti Spiecker (founder of Limbua), has identified Embu (Kenya) an excellent location to realize his vision: building an international and sustainable value chain to promote sustainable endogenous growth and international knowledge sharing. That’s exactly what we’re committed to. Thus, we started supporting him and his project partners developing Limbua in Embu, Kenya.

Thanks to Limbua, the local market in Embu has been prospering over the last years. While gaining access to the international market for the first time, Kenyan smallholders could also realize social and ecological projects in Embu with the help of Limbua and the Fair for Life-fund we support.

Copyright: naturamus GmbH, WALA Heilmittel GmbH, Timothy Barnes


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Let's grow together

It’s in our nature

Interview with Matti Spiecker (founder of Limbua)

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Let's grow together

It’s in our nature

Interview with Ralf Kunert (CEO naturamus) and Matti Spiecker (founder Limbua)

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Organic certificate

according to EU-organic farming regulation

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