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"The quality of a product depends on more than just its individual parts."
Hannes Herrmann
quality management
naturamus GmbH

Holistic understanding of quality

We keep most attention on ensuring premium product and process quality by, e.g. respecting strict hygiene rules

We stand out for a holistic understanding of quality that includes not only the protection of human rights and the environment but also the way of doing business: with purpose. More precisely, we are convinced that a product is more than the sum of its components. This implies “premium quality” not only to mean excellent chemical and sensory characteristics of a product. 

Instead, a product needs to show a best social and ecological footprint possible. Taking this into account, ecological agriculture, fair trade, and transparent supply chains are key. 

This is why we only offer ecologically sustainable products from traceable supply chains being traded fairly. Undoubtedly, we understand quality holistically from the very beginning to the final product.

For us, social and ecological sustainability is a matter of course, not marketing
Our quality manager: Hannes Herrmann is keeping an eye on our process and product quality
Hannes Herrmann
quality management naturamus GmbH
We are a sourcing partner for vegetable oils | waxes | and hydrolates

Definition of holistic quality

Sense instead of sum

It is not only important that the sensory and chemical parameters of a product are good to very good. In contrast, it is important to us that a product has best social and ecological characteristics possible

Holistic understanding of product quality

Among other criteria “premium” product quality includes: (1) social empowerment; (2) ecological or demeter cultivation; (3) endogenous and sustainable growth of prospering smallholders or cooperative farmers

Quality as benchmark

Thus, this holistic understanding of quality is a benchmark to naturamus. As a framework, quality begins with the cultivation, continues with careful processing, and finally defines the finished product throughout the entire process

Holistic quality means taking ownership

As a consequence, we commit ourselves uncompromisingly to natural and social processes in the cultivation, and processing of raw and primary materials

holistic quality means...


social responsibility…

…ecological sustainability

common good…

…shared added value

high process | hygiene standards…

…premium product characteristics

Certified holistic quality

we work with our global partners on eye-to-eye level

As a matter of fact, we test our raw and starting materials with regard to physical-chemical and sensory parameters.

We are happy to provide our certificates of analysis on request.

Our Certificates Download

Organic certificate

Organic Wildcollection

Organic analogue


Fair for Life



ISO 14001

ISO 9001

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