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"We have optimised our distillative procedures to provide rose oil methyl eugenol reduced with close sensory characteristics to genuine rose oil"
Ralf Kunert, CEO of naturamus GmbH
Ralf Kunert
CEO naturamus GmbH

Hydrolates and rose oil, organic (analogcert.)

producer of organic hydrolates |
rose oil methyl eugenol reduced

We provide a genuine rarity: organic rose oil from Afghanistan. On top, we reduce the methyl eugenol residue with the help of optimised distillative procedures. On top, we produce a wide range of organic hydrolates by using finest organic essential oils. Since we have the ownership over the production process, we are specialised in customized productions.


hydrolates, organic (analogcert.)

Firstly, we produce waterbased hydrolates, organic (analogcert.) by using premium essenial oils. Since we only work with high quality essential oils, we can ensure consistent quality throughout the year. This way of hydrolate-production stands out for advantages at the microbial level.

rose oil, organic (analogcert.)

Secondly, we provide a genuine rarity: organic rose oil from Afghanistan. By doing so, we support our partner, Muhammad Momand, in developing a sustainable source of income for his family and his colleagues in Kandahar. The Kandahari region between Pakistan and Afghanistan suffers under a critical political situation. Particularly ensuring sustainable livelihoods is crucial and difficult. Hence, it is even more important for us to contribute to preserving sustainable agriculture in Kandahar. 

Rose oil, methyl eugenol reduced, organic (analogcert.)

Thirdly, we have optimised distillative procedures to provide rose oil, methy eugenol reduced to manufacteures producing high-class natural cosmetics. Due to the European cosmetics regulation, the amount of methyl eugenol in cosmetics is restricted. Even though, rose oil is a premium resource for cremes and ointments. Hence, we have optimised distillative procedures in order to provide rose oil, ME-red. with characteristics close to genuine rose oil. 

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