"The idea is to support our partners.
They should be independent from us"
naturamus GmbH
It's our nature

Who we are

It's in our Nature

Let's grow together

By nature, the value of our products is determined by the quality of their ingredients.

We source premium raw materials for value-oriented companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Our trade and actions are characterized by holistically conceived sustainability and enthusiasm for premium-quality products and processes. We are pioneers in our field.

We have a passion for nature and a traditional knowledge of healing.

We combine this knowledge with state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, we offer our partners real added value from the beginning: economically, ecologically and socially.

To ensure sustainable livelihoods for and with our suppliers, we promote a variety of projects with our partners.

What We stand for

fitting solutions

guarantee for fitting and valuable solutions in the sourcing of resources

partner network

relying on a strong partner network of which we are an active part


unique combination of meaningful sustainability and shared integrity

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pioneer & partner

We’re a German pioneer in sustainable and ethical sourcing of premium organic and Fair-for-Life-certified products. We provide resources in premium quality, derived from transparent supply chains. Therefore, we guarantee traceability and transparency.

For us, sustainability isn’t only about the product properties but also about the question, how our resources are obtained. We engage in long-term partnership environments with our suppliers mainly in the Global South. Therefore, we’re not only engaged in environmental sustainability but also in enabling regional development. 


2014 | experience since 1935


Aichelberg (Germany)


oils | waxes

hydrolates | rose oil

fatty acids | mango pulp

Copyright of the photos ®WALA ®Ralf Kunert ®Maria Tippmann

Let's grow together

It’s in our nature