"The idea is to support our partners. They should be independent from us."
Ralf Kunert, CEO of naturamus GmbH
Ralf Kunert
CEO naturamus GmbH

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We are a sourcing partner for vegetable oils | waxes | and hydrolates for the US-American and European food, cosmetics’, and pharma market. In doing so, we want to ensure sustainable livelihoods for our globally working network of smallholders, trading partners, and producers. To reach this goal, we provide premium organic and Fair for Life-certified raw materials derived from transparent supply chains. This makes obvious that we stand out for sustainability, traceability, and transparency.


1. Doing business is a social interaction

Business is not about maximising the profits of individuals, but should serve the well-being of all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees).

2. Accepting responsibility – taking ownership for our actions

Taking responsibility for our products, actions, and the consequences of our actions is crucial to naturamus.

3. Justification of existence by pioneering spirit

The fact that naturamus exists does not serve a purpose in itself. Instead, we work with our partners to find solutions solving problems that arise. For example, we have devlopped the first organic lanolin worldwide since the world market has lacked such a ressource before.

4. Shared added value 

The product value creation is distributed fairly among all those involved in the process of production: naturamus employees, partners in countries of origin, their partners and their employees.

5. Safeguarding the health of humans and nature: One Health

Organic farming improves soil fertility, supports plant resilience and does not require expensive chemical pesticides. As a consequence, organic farming supports the power of nature while providing people’s sustainable way of income.

6. Continuity and consistency

Partnership is based on trust, and long-lasting co-working processes. In contrast, fast business can lead to unsecurity often to the detriment of those in the Global South. We, instead, give encourgement to our partners by working hand-in-hand for more than just a few years: We are a lifelong partner.

7. Lifelong learning – human development

There is no perfection. Neither we, nor our partners are perfect, but all humans are able to develop. This means that people are powerful and can make the change. Hence, all people who are part of the global naturamus network are part of the lifelong development of the naturamus itself. 

"Each individual can give a strong impact for 
the naturamus network to prosper."
Portrait of the employee Sophia Steinmetz (Marketing | Sales)
Sophia Steinmetz
marketing | sales naturamus
Each individual is part of a whole like here: Hundrets of bees keep their deehive alive.

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company culture

How we understand our work

Dialogical business culture

All of us are self-responsible with respect to the global aims, ideas, and visions of the global naturamus network

Collegal support

Naturamus is a global network that supports the individual as much as each person strengthens the encourgement of his | her colleagues.

Trust and faith

We trust and give the benefit to our partners and colleauges all over the world

Culture of constructive criticism

We believe in the ability of change of each individual. Hence, we live a positive culture of mistakes. This way, we think that “making mistakes” is just human.

Positive humanism

In contrast to philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes, we believe in humanity. By any means, we think that humans are:


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Let's grow together

It’s in our nature

Interview with Ralf Kunert (CEO naturamus)

"Everyone can, may, and should develop with naturamus. 
We are a global network growing together"
Ralf Kunert, CEO of naturamus GmbH
Ralf Kunert
CEO naturamus
We're working ecologically sustainable hand-in-hand with our partners all over the world

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