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We produce hydrolates, organic (analogcert.)

We produce a customized range of diverse waterbased hydrolates, organic (analogcert.) in order to address our clients’ wishes.

Hydrolates are perfect partners for a soothing aromatherapy. They are fragrant and can be used as starting materials for many types of cosmetics. Our hydrolates are based on natural essential oils. We obtain them via gentle distillation processes.

Since we select essential oils for the production of hydrolates carefully, we guarantee consistent quality.

Additionally, we do not add ethanol or preservatives. Nevertheless, our hydrolates are durable over extended periodes. We guarantee this due to our high hygiene standards and our accurate production conditions.

by offering a diverse range of waterbased hydrolates, we address our clients' wishes perfectly, like here with sage hydrolate based on sage-essential oil

Since we monitor our hydrolate-production with a continuous analysis procedure, we guarantee consistent quality along the year.

Due to highest quality standards during our production we stand out for high-class product results.


Copyright: WALA Heilmittel GmbH, naturamus GmbH

We produce hydrolates, organic (analogcert.)

To offer premium starting materials for natural cosmetics in organic quality

Hydrolates, organic (analogcert.)

Since we obtain the ownership over our hydrolate-prodution, we are pleased to provide a diverse range of high quality hydrolates, organic (analogcert.).

This leads to the point that we like facing challenges such as pioneering clients’ wishes: Please feel free to ask! 
We are looking forward to entering into a creative exchange with you.

Our portfolio is:

Chamomile hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)
Cistrose hydrolate, organic (analogcert.) (starting with 200 kg)
Lavender hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)

Melissa hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)
Neroli hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)

Peppermint hydrolate, organic (analogcert.) (starting with 200 kg)
Ravintsara hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)
Rose hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)
Rose hydrolate, ME-reduced, organic (analogcert.)

Rosemary hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)
Sage hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)
Sandalwood hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)
Spikenard hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)
Swiss stone pine hydrolate, organic (analogcert.)

To sum up: Either chamomile hydrolate or rose hydrolate, there is a premium starting ressource for each manufactuer.

Copyright: WALA Heilmittel GmbH, naturamus GmbH

Why sourcing hydrolates, organic (analogcert.)

Traceability of all raw materials back to the beginning of production

Waterbased hydrolates with essential oils 100% organic (analogcert.)

Professionalised production procedures

Long experience in producing premium hydrolates

Close quality control

Maintaining strict hygiene standards

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Copyright: WALA Heilmittel GmbH, naturamus GmbH