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"Isik Tarim is a pioneer in the field of ecologically grown and fairly traded fruits and dried products in Turkey. That's marvelous!"
Our colleague, Jonathan Loeffler, is the contact person for our partner, Isik Tarim
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Freshly pressed demeter apricot kernel oil

We provide freshly pressed demeter-certified apricot kernel oil with biodynamically grown apricot kernels from our partner, IŞIK Tarim. Founded back in 1974, IŞIK Tarim was the first Turkish exporter of organically grown dried fruits and nuts. Today, IŞIK Tarim markets nuts, kernels, and dried fruits from more than 3,500 smallholder families who work together in more than 150 village communities as part of the “Happy Village Project”.

The naturamus oil manufactory processes the apricot kernels into a premium resource for the natural cosmetics industry: virgin, demeter apricot kernel oil. In doing so, naturamus provides Turkish smallholders another sustainable source of income in addition to the marketing of dried apricots.

Let’s sum up: We offer a rarity to our clients: Freshly cold pressed apricot kernel oil in premium demeter-quality. Hereby, we rely on our trustworthy and long-lasting partnership to our Turkish partner, IŞIK Tarim, to provide this quality.

Apricot kernels are surrounded by tasty andsweet apricots

The cultivation of apricots has a long tradition in Turkey. By offering apricot kernel oil we safeguard Turkish smallholders another sustainable source of income next to the marketing of apricots.

Of the approximately 3,500 organically certified smallholders who supply IŞIK Tarim with (dried) fruit, nuts and seeds, 16 farms are Demeter-certified. These 16 farms cultivate areas between 5 and 12 ha of apricot trees. By offering demeter-certified apricot kernel oil we help smallholders to preserve this huge biodynamically planted area.

Why sourcing demeter-certified
apricot kernel oil from us

More than 16 smallholders who are associated with IŞIK Tarim commit themselves to the strict standards of biodynamic agriculture. IŞIK Tarim was the first Turkish exporter for ecologically grown fruits and nuts – now, more than 3 500 ecologically working smallholders are associated with IŞIK Tarim. By holding up this partnership, IŞIK Tarim and naturamus GmbH safeguard reliable sources of income for smallholders in Turkey. This promotes rural development and prevents rural exodus. The greatest possible share of value creation remains in Turkey’s rural areas.

demeter-certified apricot kernel oil

To ensure sustainable livelihoods | traceability | premium biodynamical quality

Fairly traded demeter apricot kernel oil

Apricot kernel oil is a popular premium oil especially for baby care, facial care, and body care products for sensitive, dry, and fragile skin. We extract the light yellow oil from biodynamically grown apricots (apricot kernels) in our oil manufacture in Weilheim/Teck by mechanical cold pressing procedures.

Knowhow is required here: only optimal raw material qualities, gentle mechanical pressing procedures, and a low temperature-controlled oil pressing procedure promise an authentic result. If the production is successful, apricot kernel oil delights with its fruity and floral aroma.

Naturamus and IŞIK safeguard another sustainable source of income for Turkish smallholders in addition to the marketing of dried apricots. That’s a benefit for all:
Farmers, in general, that work ecologically, can achieve an average net profit that is up to 28 percent higher by marketing organic-certified products in comparison to marketing conventional products. Secondly, IŞIK Tarim and its partners are deeply engaged in social projects to strengthen a sustainable development in Turkish villages and to promote organic agriculture. In order to do so, the team of IŞIK Tarim supports local smallholders with knowhow and training, supports farmers in certification procedures, and takes over quality management tasks such as soil analysis, or assesses economic risks, for example, by refinancing projects.

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quality meets sustainability with demeter apricot kernel oil

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Let's grow together

It’s in our nature

When quality meets sustainability

Let's grow together

It’s in our nature

Behind the scenes: Get a closer look into the production facilities of IŞIK Tarim


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