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coconut fatty acids C12-C18

It's in our nature

organic coconut fatty acids C12-c18

Coconut fatty acids are highly valuable and multifunctional resources. However, there was no organic coconut fatty acids up to now.

That’s why we’ve started to produce organic coconut fatty acids in cooperation with our international partners. Thus, we can provide this rare ressource in organic quality.

You can see: we’re pioneers providing the first organic coconut fatty acids worldwide while guaranteeing traceability from the very beginning to the final product.

organic coconut cultivation
consider us to find a transparent partner for sourcing coconut fatty acids with a traceable supply chain

Our partner and us are the first offering organic coconut fatty acids.

We guarantee traceable supply chains from the very beginning to the final product.

organic coconut fatty acids

organic | traceability | sustainable livelihoods

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Not available? We'll make it possible.

We all know that coconut oil has been one of the top resources for cosmetics for many years. But the oils’ individual components are also interesting for special applications such as detergents, or soaps.
In 2008, however, we discovered that there are no organic fatty acids. We had to change that. Therefore, we looked for partners and found them in the Philippines. We built up our own supply chain.

Therefore we ensure complete traceability of our coconut fatty acids.

Therefore, we also guarantee that both the coconuts and our coconut fatty acids are organic.

Therefore, you can see: we offer a rarity.


cooperation with well-known partners

certified process quality