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Your premium sourcing partner for organic and fairly traded raw materials

We are a premium sourcing partner for organic, demeter, and Fair for Life-certified oils | waxes | and hydrolates. As a long-lasting and trustworthy partner, we stand out for a holistic understanding of quality including ecological and social sustainability, process quality, and transparent supply chains.

"Sustainable from the very beginning: economically, ecologically, socially"
Ralf Kunert, CEO of naturamus GmbH
Ralf Kunert
CEO naturamus

Holistic understanding of quality

We stand out for a holistic understanding of quality that includes not only the protection of human rights and the environment but also the way of doing business: with purpose. More precisely, we are convinced that a product is more than the sum of its components. This implies “premium quality” not only to mean excellent chemical and sensory characteristics of a product. 

Instead, a product needs to show a best social and ecological footprint possible. Taking this into account, ecological agriculture, fair trade, and transparent supply chains are key. 

"A product is more than its individual components"
Hannes Herrmann
quality management naturamus

Our services

Customized production

We produce fresh natural vegetable oils on demand. Likewise, we produce hydrolates based on water and finest essential oils to round up our clients’ sourcing needs: A one fits almost all solution. We have also optimized our distillate procedures to reduce the methyleugenol content of rose oil.


Realizing visions

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner to realize your ideas regarding your portfolio? Have you ever thought about changing the way of production of one of your ingredients? Or would you like to use ingredients more ecologically sustainable?


It’s 2022: The time of pure consumption is over. Instead, consumers critically question the origin and processing of raw materials. If you are you unsure about your supply chain transparency, traceability and production circumstances, we are more than pleased to help out.

Product overview:
organic oils | waxes | and hydrolates

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Naturamus GmbH: Your premium sourcing partner

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