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Fresh and tasty organic mango pulp
for your healthy breakfast!

We market fresh and tasty organic mango pulp produced as a by-product of the mango butter production in Gujarat (India). For our mother company, WALA Heilmittel GmbH, high-quality mango butter is a key component for skin and body care products. Mango butter is obtained from mango kernels inside fresh mangos.

In order to obtain mango butter from organically grown mangos, WALA and our Indian partner, Nanalal Satra, CEO of Castor Products Company (CPC) have launched a mango processing project in Gujarat, India. The project idea is both simple and brilliant: WALA produces high-quality mango butter from the kernels of organically grown mangoes and we (naturamus) give you the chance to have delicious mango pulp for breakfast.

Our partner CPC produces mango pulp out of fresh and tasty mangos

We provide organic certified mango pulp from Gujarat, India.

We guarantee a fully transparent and traceable supply chain from the very beginning to the final product.

We ensure genuine premium quality.

Copyright: WALA Heilmittel GmbH, naturamus GmbH

We provide fresh and tasty organic mango pulp for your healthy breakfast!

Delicious, healthy, free of additives and sugar: Just pure. Just for you

Your vitamine boost: mango pulp

Mango pulp is an ideal companion for the entire day: Beginning with cereals followed by sweet and sour rice dishes in the evening, mango tastes at any time. To ensure such a taste experience, our Indian partner relies on gentle and rapid processings of the mangos.

Therefore, we assure that our mangos are of premium quality. In addition, our mango pulp is natural and free of any additional substances such as sugar or acid agents.

Therefore, our mango is authentic and genuine: It is 100 % made of Kesar-mangos. Since our partner preserves the mango pulp by a thermal process, our mango is free of preservatives.

Therefore, our mango pulp shows its full aroma until its expiring date. Our mango pulp tastes fruty, natural, and irresistible.

To sum up: Your vitamine boost-breakfast strengthens sustainable livelihoods for smallholders in Gujarat: Let’s share this profit

"Our quality does not only include the products' quality itself: We stand out for exclusive taste, supply chain transparency, and ecological sustainability from the very beginning to the final product."
Portrait of Marina Moonrach, our sales associate for mango pulp and hydrolates
Marina Moonrach
marketing & sales naturamus
we offer organic mango pulp from transparent supply chains

Why sourcing organic mango pulp

Traceability back to the beginning of production

100% organic agriculture

Professionalised production procedures

Long experience in producing premium mango pulp in Gujarat

Close quality control

Shared added value in Gujarat


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