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organic rose oil

Due to long-lasting conflicts in Afghanistan, it is still difficult to practice sustainable agriculture there. Unfortuantely, it’s still more lucrative to plant poppy for opium, instead.

Thus, Welthungerhilfe has initiated a rose oil project in Afghanistan in 2004. The project concept is both simple and brilliant: Afghan farmers switch from poppy cultivation to rose cultivation. Then, the oil extracted from the roses is internationally traded. Thereby, Afghan farmers get alternative sources of income to safeguard their livelihoods.

WALA realized this concept would be both a socially and ecologically sustainable way to secure livelihoods in Afghanistan while promoting sustainable agriculture. Therefore, WALA has been actively supporting the Afghan rose oil project with know-how and expertise since 2006.

Now we’re the first offering organic rose oil from this sustainable rose cultivation in Afghanistan.

sustainable livelihoods in Afghanistan
rare & premium quality
organic cultivation



We’ve worked as an international network to ensure sustainable livelihoods for small farmers and their families in Afghanistan since 2004.

Rose oil from Afghanistan is extraordinary. We’re the first offering this rare rose oil.

Be part of our network. Let’s grow together.


afghan rose oil

sustainable livelihoods | rarity | premium quality

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We work hand in hand with our Afghan partners to ensure premium quality-rose oil for the global market. Likewise, we take the law to our Afghan partners’ hands.

Therefore, we contribute to sustainable growing livelihoods in Afghanistan. But the sustainability of our partners’ livelihoods dependens on our product’s value.

Therefore, our partners and us focus on high rose oil production standards in Afghanistan and Germany.

Therefore, we can provide a rare product in premium quality: organic Afghan rose oil from organic smallholder rose cultivation.

organic rose cultivation

alternative income in Afghanistan

collective project development