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organic lanolin

Lanolin bears similarities to human sebum. Thus, cremes and ointments containing lanolin protect dry and stressed skin ideally. 

However, until now there is no organic lanolin that promises quality and animal welfare in livestock farming.

Now there is: We offer COSMOS-certified Lanolin with 100% organic quality from Argentinian sustainable lifestock farming.

organic livestock farming
animal welfare

As a living network, our partner’s family and their colleagues have looked after sheep for generations with care.

Care means freedom to them. The sheep live freely in Patagonian pasture landscape.

We are the first offering lanolin COSMOS-certified 100% organic.

organic lanolin

COSMOS-certified 100% organic | animal welfare

supply chain transparency

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Not available? We'll make it possible.

Until 2019 there was no organic certified lanolin worldwide. Therefore, there was no guarantee for lanolin corresponding with certified process quality. Also, a well-meaning livestock farming could not be ensured. Because: Up to now the supply chains for lanolin weren’t traceable.

Therefore, we have established the first organic certified lanolin project worldwide: Hand in hand with our Argentine partner.

Therefore, we know the livelihoods of our partners’ sheep in Argentinia.

Therefore, we can guarantee animal welfare without museling.

1 sheep | 40 000 square meters

close quality control